I can freeze the time

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I can freeze the time

About me

Hello! I'm Hilmar, a photographer living in Sandnes, Norway.

I am child of Soviet Union, where photography was only in black and white or sephia.There was blackrooms and red lights in bathroom and small me did not understand how the picture appears on white paper and becomes in photography...  I grow up with movies like Zorro, Black tulip and actors like Alan Delon, Adriano Celentano. Photography was such a expensive hobby, so i even cant dream about. But always wanted.  

  Photography are my biggest passion since 2003, when i bough my first digital pocket camera. Goals began to grow, and i was excited to capture more quality pics. Unfortunately situation in my homeland did not allowed for such an opportunity. In 2010 i moved to Norway and the dream began to come true - i have bough my first fullframe camera.  Than i start growing my knowledges in photography and investing in gear. 

  Mostly i do landscape photography, because lansdscapes can give such a beautiful and chill feelings, peace in heart. That's why landscape is in the heart. Some time ago i found interest photograph peoples. And i found it much easier than take landscapes, because you cannot control landscape as you can ask peoples posing and smiling. After a while i found very interesting food and commercial photography. Another beautiful way to show simple things with help of light and imagination. 

  Today i am proud to show my work.


  On this site you can see galleries, choose your favorite photograph and order it in one of possible formats you can choose from. 


  All human photographs are copyrighted, and publication are approved by captured persons.


  Each print/canvas or poster from online shop have a Certificate of Authenticity and hes own number of print.


Use of photos is allowed only with the consent of the author. In the case of use of pictures, reference to the author and the website http://hilmarivarson.com is mandatory.

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